It’s the end of the world…

It’s the end of the world. Who do you save?

I woke up today around half past three in the morning, relieved to know that what I’d just went through was nothing but a bad dream, a nightmare. I turned to my side and sure enough I was in the comfort of my bed. I curled up into a ball, stretched my hands and legs out, then sat up, and let out a sigh. For so long we’ve played with the idea of what we would do, who we would want to be with if ever we were to be hit with a zombie apocalypse.

You know how nightmares will usually follow a certain order? They’ll begin with a pleasant day in the park, where you’re enjoying a sunny day with your friends over a nicely packed lunch. Then the dark clouds come rolling in, and everyone of your friend gets electrocuted except for one, whom, you receive the liberty to save.

Well, for me, the dream seemed to have jump straight to the point.Only I wasn’t yet aware of it till five tornadoes rolled in.  I found myself in mid-action, sparring with a distant relative of mine on the 12th story of a residence building. Long story short, he’d committed a crime and I’d acquired the evidence to send him to prison. He didn’t like that. I recalled the good times we’d shared over chai and some home-made biscuits. It was unfortunate that we ended up this way.


“We’ll hold him back!”

I also had two accomplices to aid me in this mission of mine. As they did, I went straight for the exit with the evidence gripped tightly in one hand, and began to rush down the flight of stairs. Soon enough, I was being followed. 12th floor. Still being followed. 8th floor. Whatever it was, it was gaining on me. 6th floor. I needed to speed up. 4th floor. I didn’t dare look back. 2nd floor. Almost there! And just before I busted out though the door, I heard my uncle shout for me to stop.

Of course I kept moving.

In addition to the walking dead, the weather had turned for the worst. I cut through the nearest alley when I heard the door behind me fling open. As I neared the end, I could see houses lined in a row, going down for miles and miles. I jumped and hid beneath a rusty-looking metal car part that lied over a ditch next to one of the houses. I could hear voices coming from inside. I just hope they didn’t call me out if they saw me because uncle was just out there, searching for me. I could hear his footsteps now.

“C’mon, Jay. I don’t have time for games.” I could hear him say with annoyance. He was getting closer. “Jay-eyy, come out, come out, wherever you are.” He was now on top of me! Before he was able to throw aside my shelter, I had rolled into the crawl space beneath the house. My heart was thumping louder than anything now, and I was out of the stamina to outrun him. What do I do, what do I dooo?

As if a superior force was on my side, a woman who looked to be around my age stepped out of the residence. She eyed the strange man outside her place, and called for her father. While I was pretty sure she’d spotted me, she kept her gaze fixed on my uncle who finally got the hint, and left. There I laid, on the earthy floor, quietly thanking my savior.

Image result for exaggerated gif

“As long as you’re not infected, you’re welcome to come on in,” I hear her say.

The scene changed as I did. I was now the girl, and as I walked into the house that was now mine to call, I saw my mom and my two brothers running around the place, locking and shutting the windows, the doors, everything and anything. A storm was coming. Grandma was seated on the kitchen table, and mom went back to doing the dishes. “You must leave with your brothers and your grandma. Head to your cousin’s place,” she said. “I’ll join you soon.”

I looked outside and felt my hair stand on end. Tornadoes. Not just one. Not just two. Five of them! And they were headed towards us.

“You need to leave now.” urged Mother.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t take her with me or why the dishes mattered when the world was coming to an end, but I did as I was told. I was going to believe her and see her at my cousin’s. I grabbed the keys to one of our cars, helped grandma into one, and made sure the brothers were wearing their seat belts because we were about to have a race with the angel of death.

Image result for ready for the race gif

I let my brother drive while I sat in the passenger’s seat. We’d driven maybe only for 15 minutes, miraculously dodging the flying debris, when one of the tornadoes had caught our vehicle in the outskirts of its whirlwind. The car was pinned to the ground, just ready to lift up into the air from its behind. I turned to look at my 14 year old brother seated in the back. His expression formed a lump in my throat. I didn’t care if I died, I wanted to save my brothers.

The next thing I know, our windshield cracked. I hear my grandma scream from behind me, but when I look back, she’s not there! I look to the front, and shriek. There was a body, much like that of grandma’s, lying on top our windshield window. I couldn’t see if it was really her, I just knew. I wanted to cry, but instead told my brother to gas the pedal; her weight may help keep us grounded. And it did.

We were able to seek refuge at our cousin’s place. Dad was there, chatting with our uncle without a care in the world. Brothers went about their day, getting their game faces on. I waited on mom.. till I woke up.

What are dreams made of? How much control do we have on them? So many questions, not enough answers.

Image result for so many questions gif

I’m just glad it was all just a bad dream.


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