Time to Read: 5 Things about Civil War.

Civil War is coming out tonight!!! I’m so excited I could scream. That being said since i went back and re-read the civil war comic event, and I know the MCU tactic of not involving everything. I felt like jotting down 5 quick things I will miss from the Comic event.


1. Captain America’s Speech to Spider-man.


That shit gets me every time.

Amazing Spider-man 537. Peter just left Tony’s side in the Civil War. He’s out looking for Captain America, after hiding his Aunt May and Mary Jane in a rundown motel. He finds Captain America and ask him, “How does the man who is the country react when the country goes a different way?” Cap then goes into a quote by Mark Twain and then hits you with the powerful words you see above.

When I read this for the first time it struck me like a lightning bolt. I’m not saying that he wont make an awesome speech like that in the movie I just think I’m not going to feel the same about it. This moment had me feeling like Spidey did afterwards, “Can carry your books?”

2. Maria Hill as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I love Cobie Smulders and i really wish that she could feel as awesome as she does in the comics. In the comics Maria Hill becomes Director after something or other ,I honestly cant remember why. It felt different, her style at leading shield felt different. Like if Nick Fury is the super duper spy, then she was the top cop. She was by the books, and no nonsense, and as with all characters of that type she gets fooled by heroes into doing the right thing.

Smulders Hill plays a very background role in the MCU and its understandable why, I wont go into it here. I just want to see more of her as a presence i guess. More moments like these:


3. Spider-man and the oh shit my aunts dead…


So as we all know, Peter revealed his identity in the Civil War comic event. Which, like he feared, got his aunt killed. This small moment was big. In the comics Spider-man always found a way to protect his identaty from the world time and time again and only it got past only a few individuals. Thats and aunt may was like a thousand then…


BOOM…She dead.

So this is one of those status-quo changes that lasted all of….2 seconds. Peter makes a deal with Mephistopheles to bring aunt may back, he agrees only to the condition of taking away his and Mary Jane’s marriage away. Oh and did I mention that Mephi did so as there future daughter? Yeah fucked up.


Other than his introduction into the MCU, I don’t think will get this big of a story line from Spider-man…I’m gonna miss it.

4. Prison 42!!!


Prison 42 is the jail in the negative zone developed by, Mr. Fantastic, Henry Pym, the Radioctive Man, and Stark. You can see why that would be a problem.

Its things like this where the kids are all seperated in the divorce that leaves us without cool intergalactic prisons and gives us the kiddie pool.

41hjuw65sTL._AC_US160_ captain-america-civil-war-new-trailer-image-21-600x248

Oh and side note, There s a movie called “The Escape Plan” with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger about a prison in the middle of the ocean…yeah.

5. Frontline. 


Civil war had a lot of tie in comics. Frontline was probably one of the most important. It had a lot of side stories in each issue but my favorite was following Ben Urich and Sally Floyd, the two reporters following the whole Civil War incident. Ben punches Tony Stark. All that need to be said about that.

Sally gets a one on one with Captain America and ask him does he know what facebook is.


She also finds an unregistered super hero hideout and witnesses them getting captured. Its all really down to earth stuff. A third perspective of not just the big hitters up top, but a look at what the regular people are going through.

So that’s it. Cant wait to see this movie even minus all the stuff i mentioned above.

Tell us what you think of Civil War when you see it or just what you think of the Comic Event?


I’m out.

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