Time to Read: Stealth Symphony.

Or don’t…I mean you don’t have to…sigh. Lets just do this.

What is this about?

Stealth Symphony is about a yougn man named Jig something or other who goes to the town of Jinbo-cho because he has a curse and he wants the curse removed. The curse is a backpack that defends his life from any for of harm that he is aware of. Through a meeting with an invisible man named Troma he learns he cant remove the backpack, which sets him on a wacky adventure in the town of Jinbo-Cho.

Break it down for us.

Understand that to tell you what i like and what i don’t like there will be spoilers involved. So now would def. be the time to leave if want to go through the mystery for yourself. Its not long, 21 chapters. Leave now or forever hold your peace.


The Good:

So I really do like this series. It touches everything i like about a shonen series. It has over the top action. Your factions. Over the top characters that have a nougat of character.

At first Jig is iintroduced to us s a meekly kid, yet he has the backpack that could be comparable to spiral power from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


Look at that shit right there…thats from a backpack.

Actually let me stop saying back pack. It actually looks like a jetpack, and is called a “Dragon Heirloom”.  Heirlooms are the thing that gives people there powers in this series.

Anyway he’s starts of well enough then there is a twist that comes along that would make even M. Night shake his head in disgust.


Then you have Troma who came off as cool and aloof and had this schtick of, “I have no emotions, but i feel my emotions vicariously through others” that’s nice for a while but wears pretty thin close to the end. Plus side hes a really cool invisible dragon


Honestly my biggest problem is the length. It seem to be going steady then wham it goes form 0-100 with lies revealed, big bads, out of nowhere, and oh hey the main character you’ve been following…dead.


Told yah…Spoilers.

Because of how short and how rushed it feels, none of the events that take plus in the climax feel earned. We know these people but not enough that it feels shocking when we go through the heart wrenching sadness when we find out Jig destroyed his whole village and is only around to be used as a tool to bring back the dragons that disappeared years ago.

If it was canceled that’s a shame, while its nothing new it seemed like it could and wanted to go to dark places that only few shonen genres get to tap into. If it ran its course unheaded then fuck it. Its feels like just because it throws shonen tropes into the mix it gets to play with the cool kids and nope, you gotta earn your seat at the table buddy.

So thats it, how I feel and whatnot. If you want to read this series unfortunately its not available in america but you can read it all on the web, just have to know where to look.

Happy Reading.

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