Time to Read: The Wheel of Time Series/ Part 1

Just want to start this review by saying i am not a writer. I guarantee that my fiance will come behind me and edit this, as I am way better sharing my opinions with my voice. So when this review quickly becomes a rambling mess, Consider yourself warned. Also light spoilers.


My preferred book for casual reading is a fantasy novel, as I’m sure a lot of other people did, I read Lord Of the Rings at a young age and really fell in love with this style of writing. I mean adventures, battles and magic will always be fun right? About 6 months ago I had just finished reading the second book of the Kingkiller Chronicles (which I highly recommend) and as I considered re-reading game of thrones for the 3rd time my fiance’s brother told me about the Wheel of Time series. He had been reading it for a while and really enjoyed it so I figured I’d give it a shot. At the time I had no idea there were 14 books ,not including the prequel, that all hover around that 800-900 page mark. I’ll be honest I’ve only read six of the books but we can consider this the halfway point review because i need to do some sharing and it’ll be a hot minute until i Complete book 14.


The first 12 books in the series are written by Robert Jordan with the last two being written by Brandon Sanderson after Jordans passing. The first one came out in 1990 and if Tolkien created the fantasy genre Jordan cleaned up the rough edges. Alright history lesson over let’s get into the meat and potatoes. The series follows a young man named Rand al’Thor and his friends Mat and Perrin. These three may be the most important to the plot but the supporting cast is immense and very fleshed out.Now as I said there are a lot of books and they are all very long. The real plot isn’t even shown until book 3. so when I say fleshed out i mean it. I can honestly say these are some of my favorite characters in any novels because I just know so much about them. you get time to see how things progress and watch as characters really grow into their own.  Rand eventually becomes what is called the dragon reborn who is the reincarnation of an ancient hero. The dragon reborn is a man who can channel (use magic) ,but who will also go crazy in time, and is destined to re-seal the dark ones cell and save the world while simultaneously destroying it. Oh also the prophesy says he will die during all this. That’s a really heavy load but it creates a” a lot to do and no time to do it” mentality that really makes the action flow and cuts down on any real filler which I love.Gotta save the world before the crazy guy in my head takes over and you really get the see the craziness slowly seep in, its honestly pretty amazing. Just to round out the trio Mat can effect luck in ways and becomes a gambler/general supreme, and Perrin can end up talking to wolves and when push comes to shove bashing people faces in with a hammer. Jordan is also very good a writing strong female roles which really push to plot forward and he can create some really good bad guys but  I could sit here and go through a sentence for every character but as I said im not a writer and I dont want this to get too long.

So yes the whole series is around 12000 pages but the action is there and it is by no means a slog. the world is rich, the characters are some of the most well-rounded, fleshed out characters ive ever read. Lastly the story is just damn good, it has all major points you would look for in a fantasy novel but they have a distinct flair. I havent finished so I can only review what ive read but for real, it’s a 10/10 would recommend. It’s a challenge but its been worth it so far. In another 6 months when I finish this bad boy ill be back to close this review off for now I say if your unsure just jump in or as Mat would say, its time to roll the dice.


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