Time to Read…Top 5 Female Shonen Characters

So its International Womens Day. And as a guy who reads a lot of manga (particularly of the shonen genre) I  notice they’re not a whole lot of female characters in shonen that stand out.

So I thought I’d make a list of the top 5 that have stood out to me and deserve a spotlight for it.

Allow me to say this is clearly my thoughts and opinions alone so if you are interested in giving your list do so in the comments or email me at timewasterz07@gmail.com.

That said, inner voice, you ready?

Yeah hold up…

What are you doing?

Porn time…

No…it’s not…that means I’m thinking about…oh just come on already!

NUMBER 5!!!!

Ochako Uraka. (My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia)

Ochako_Uraraka_Full_Body_UniformShe so cute don’t you agree?

Ochako is introduced to us as Izuku Midoriya the (Main Character) goes to take the entrance exam to join the Hero Academy. Ever since her introduction she has been a constant character showing growth and change.

  • She faces a problem head on and kicks butt even in the face of a dire situation

Zm1d8zQ This fight was tough as hell!

  • Her growth is the birth of  a realization that she has a goal the same as other characters that she doesn’t slack on.

tumblr_inline_o3j9bsttBc1touzt0_540.png From newb to ass kicker in 2.5

Unfortunately due to the mangas infancy she hasn’t had that much screen time, though its understandable since she has to share the story with a whole cast of characters. As the story moves a long she has potential to do some really amazing things and has shown herself as a character capable to do so.

Moving on tooooo

NUMBER 4!!!!


Megumi Tadakoro (Food Wars/Shokugeki no Souma)

Megumi much like Ochako we meet as Souma has his entrance ceromony to Tootsuki Academy. We see her as a shy introvert who second guesses herself to the point that it effects her culinary skills.

hPSVSbh Dont look at me like that, it’s true.

Do with Souma’s help, and overcoming some personal trials of her own she becomes able to discover a culinary style that suits her and, in my humble opinion kicks a whole lot of ass.


Her milkshake brings all the judges to the yard…

  • She’s shown she can hold her own with even the elite of Tootsuki academy.
  • She is constantly showing development and growth of character.

Like how badass she is at Ping Pong!!!


  • She shows hellah potential and I always look forward when she has a screen time.

And so we know turn to…

NUMBER 3!!!!

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

066e409e5c5db8ae277a6a8201cfa050 A.K.A. Queen of the badasses.

Erza Scarlet. Erza is shown to us at the beginning of Fairy Tail to be one of the 4 most badass (at least I think its 4) Fairy Tail wizards, with her exquip magic. She’s a character on pair or even greater than various other shonen male protagonist equipped with the power of deuce ex machina.

FairyTail284p18_zps268a66e8.png I mean can you fight 100 people?

  • She’s a power house.
  • She has a fluid power set.
  • She has emotional depth (as far as fairy tail goes)


In any case enough of all that its time for…

NUMBER 2!!!!

Morgiana (Magi The Labyrinth of Magic)


Morgianna at the start of the series is the slave of of a cruel prince. She is then freed, though still emotionally tied to her position, by Aladdin and Alibaba. She then becomes the third main character in the series that we follow along with Aladdin and Alibaba.

  • She, much like Erza, is a power house



  • Even though she is a powerhouse she has emotional vulnerability.
  • She shows growth and depth
  • and she’s a bomb diggity dancer

Alas it is time foooooooor…

NUMBER 1!!!!

Nami/Nico Robin (One Piece)


I know, I know. Why the both of them. Because they both have such great characterization, growth, and emotinal weight with me that I couldnt decide CURSE YOU EICHIRO ODA!!!). I dare you, read either of there backstory and not tear up even a little bit, go on…do it.

Besides that they are both badass women.

Though Nami isnt much of a power house like the rest of her crew:

  • She has held her own in some pretty tough situations


  • The crew could literally get nowhere without her.

Robin also isnt very power housy, but her devil fruit more than makes up for that.


Could you imagine walking a mile in her shoes…

  • Her backstory and character arc lead to one of the most important battles in the story.


  • She can read the poneglyphs which makes her absolutely without a doubt integral to the plot.


What do you think?

what are yours?

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