Time to read…GYO?

Or the fish taco that hated me


OK so where do I begin…. How about here?

Who made it?

Thats easy Junji Ito. Give me a hard one.

Whats it about?

Immediately regretting my decision…

Seriously its about Stench….yeap stinky, nasty…stink.

Let me try and explain it more in depth…It starts out woth a guy named Tadashi Whose out in the middle of the ocean taking a nice swim. Suddenly while he explores the wreckage of a ship he notices some sharks. Not wanting to say hello he swims in the opposite direction only to be startled by a speeding object. Avoiding the object catches the attention of the passing by sharks and he swims to the surface to the safety of his girlfriend Kaori and the boat they sailed out on.

Tadashi explains to Kaori what happens, but she’s more worried about the smell. They head back along the way with kaori complaining about the smell and Tadashi getting frustrated because of it.

With Kaori going into a frezny over the smell they get into an argument causing Kaori to leave the house they are staying in. Tadashi worried folows after her only ot find her on the ground claiming something was out there, it speeds past them into the night, only to show up again in the home. Tadashi kills it and finds well…

gyo2 I know its already up there but look at this thing.

After killing it and bagging it they think there problems are over…it’s only just getting started.

So where does the stink come in?

That gets a bit spoilery so read past here if you dare.


Lets go.

Turns out the fish you see about wasn’t the only fish that walks on land.

Soon an army of these things come up including…



Ok not really, but its close.

Its seems those legs are thought to be remnants of an old world war 2 experiment. to have animals release noxious gas and the machines move based on that gas…I know Ito is one weird dude.

Trust me it doesn’t stop there.

The fish eventually die and rot out but the machines lying around attach themselves to people.

Al-la this…

gyo_v02_c03_pg041_042I went to a party like this once…actually quite nice.

You see the gas is contagious so it begins to infect people causing them to bloat and blow the gas from there orifices…not all of them mostly ass and mouth.

So the infected people become attracted to the machines…trust me it gets hellah weirder.

So what did you think?

Honestly Its a really crazy story that explains itself part way through then throws that explanation away in favor of a new wholly more impossible one.

To see some type of invasion of the body snatchers type of story like this proves that Junji Ito is like the Japanese Stephen King if not better.

Its a story like this and Uzamaki, where it’s not the feeling of, “This could happen, or happen to me personally.” Somewhere in the truly absurdity of it all its just…hypnotizing. Its the combination of art and characters, as well as the phenomena that he presents that make this something frightful.  Look at the design of the contraptions. They are almost insect like…tell me that just doesn’t disturb you in some sort of way?

Do you recommend it?

Hell yeah. Its an experience. Especially if your a fan of horror, or spooky stories. Just take a moment and let yourself be drawn into an almost twilight zone tale.

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